December 14, 2019 by Dental Smiles

Informed Consent! Advocate for your healthcare

You are your best manager of health and lifestyle!

Be more involved with your health and become an advocate for your care.

Before you begin any medical treatment, make sure you have overdosed yourself with information.

Unfortunately, patients are sometimes seen as an organ rather than an individual.

  1. Know about your Dr’s qualification and competence! Beware of Quacks.
  2. Learn some basics about your body and diagnostic tests.
  3. Medications have side effects and with new ones added each year, you may not know the contraindication, side effects, and suitability.
  4. Participate in choosing an ethical practitioner that promotes service quality and safety. It is your democratic right!
  5. Trust your doctor, but for the best health outcomes always cross-check on proposed treatment, drugs, diagnostic tests, and surgery. And discuss with the Dr. if in doubt. Informed consent, informed consent, informed consent!


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