Meet the Clinical Team

Lucy Mwai

Registered Dental Hygienist (RDH)

Lucy is a licensed Dental Hygienist in the state of Maryland in the United States. She attended Baltimore City College and she later obtained her Dental Hygiene degree at the University of Maryland where she practiced in Catonsville, Maryland USA for 6 years.
Later she moved back to Kenya to follow her passion in Dental Hygiene. As a licensed dental specialist, she focuses on providing high quality preventive oral care to patients through clinical, educational and therapeutic services, teaching them the proper way of flossing and brushing.
Her best side about being a hygienist is the relationship she forms with each patient. She prides herself in being very thorough, yet gentle in her treatment and does what she can to make patients feel comfortable in the dental chair.
While not in the clinic Lucy enjoys spending time with her daughter and singing in the church family choir. She is also a Rotarian with the Rotary Club of Karen.

Vincent Mutuko


Vincent Mutuko is a versatile dental assistant at our clinic, renowned for his adaptability and wide-ranging skills. Alongside his primary role, Vincent excels as a dental radiograph specialist, ensuring the highest standards of patient care and safety. His expertise in taking dental X-rays and his meticulous approach are invaluable to the smooth operation of the clinic.
Vincent’s kind-hearted nature and readiness to assist make him a valued team member. He is deeply committed to advancing his dental career, constantly seeking to expand his knowledge and expertise. His dedication to professional growth is matched by his ability to create a welcoming and supportive environment for both patients and colleagues.

Outside of work, Vincent finds relaxation and balance through his love of music and swimming. These activities allow him to unwind and maintain a healthy lifestyle, contributing to his overall well-being.

Vincent’s commitment to excellence in his professional duties and his personal interests make him an indispensable part of our clinic team. His multifaceted skills and warm personality ensure that every patient receives top-quality care in a friendly and supportive setting.

Roselyne Khatenje (Tenje)


Roselyn brings with her a genuine love for patient interaction. Every day, her goal is to ensure each patient’s visit is as pleasant as possible. In the operatory, you’ll often hear Roselyn laughing and sharing jokes with patients, creating a comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.
She finds immense satisfaction in seeing patients leave with newfound confidence, delighted with the improvements in their smiles. Roselyn’s warm and engaging personality helps to put even the most anxious patients at ease, making their dental experience a positive one. Outside of work, Roselyn looks forward to spending quality time with her young daughter.
One of her favorite activities is cooking mrenda, a cherished Kenyan delicacy, which allows her to unwind and connect with her cultural roots. Roselyn’s dedication to making a positive impact on her patients’ lives and her joyful approach to her work make her an invaluable addition


Certified Dental Nurse

Tabitha, a certified Dental Nurse, has dedicated over 21 years to the field of dental health, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to promoting healthy dental habits and ensuring patient well-being. Throughout her extensive career, she has honed a robust set of skills, marked by a proven track record of success in various aspects of dental care.
Her expertise encompasses a wide range of dental procedures, patient care, and oral health education. Tabitha’s dedication to her profession is evident in her continuous pursuit of excellence and her ability to adapt to the ever-evolving landscape of dental practices.
Beyond her professional life, Tabitha cherishes the time she spends with her family. This balance between her career and personal life reflects her well-rounded character and deep appreciation for her loved ones.
Tabitha’s journey in dental nursing is not just a testament to her skills and experience but also to her passion for making a positive impact on her patients’ lives. She invites you to connect with her to learn more about her professional experiences and insights into dental health.

Edward Nganga

Dental Assistant

Edward Nganga, a dedicated dental assistant with seven years of experience, is a cornerstone of the Dental Smiles team. Holding a diploma in Dental Assisting from the Institute of Health Care Management, Edward combines his formal education with practical expertise to deliver exceptional patient care.
Renowned for his warm and bubbly personality, Edward has a special talent for working with children and elderly patients, making each visit a comfortable and enjoyable experience. His ability to crack jokes and keep everyone laughing transforms the clinic atmosphere, turning anxious moments into cheerful ones.
Edward Nganga is more than a dental assistant; he’s a beacon of positivity and joy at Dental Smiles, bringing laughter and light to every day.

Jackie Kinyua

Certified Dental Nurse

Jackie Kinyua is a seasoned community health nurse with over 16 years of invaluable experience in the dental industry. Trained as a certified community health nurse at Masaba School of Community Healthcare, now known as the Nairobi Women’s Hospital, she continues to excel in her profession.
Jackie is known for her articulate nature and extensive knowledge in dentistry. She has a gift for making patients feel at ease, alleviating any anxiety they may have about treatments and procedures. Her ability to explain procedures in a clear and understandable manner helps patients feel informed and empowered about their dental care journey.
One of Jackie’s most notable traits is her soft, calming voice, which has a remarkable effect on patients, soothing their nerves and creating a comforting atmosphere in the dental clinic. Her compassionate approach and dedication to patient care make her an invaluable asset to the dental team.
Jackie Kinyua’s commitment to excellence and her innate ability to connect with patients make her a trusted and beloved member of the dental community, ensuring that every patient receives the highest level of care and comfort during their visit.

Jacinta Ndeto

Sterilization Technician

Jacinta Ndeto, our skilled Sterilization Technician at Dental Smiles, plays a crucial role in maintaining the highest standards of hygiene and safety within the clinic. With her additional training as a dental assistant, Jacinta brings a versatile set of skills to her role, ensuring that every instrument is impeccably sterilized and every procedure runs smoothly.
Beyond her professional expertise, Jacinta is known for her vibrant personality. She loves dancing and often brings her enthusiasm for rhythm and movement to the clinic, lifting spirits and fostering a lively atmosphere. Her social nature makes her a beloved figure among both colleagues and patients, always ready with a warm smile and a friendly chat.
Jacinta Ndeto is not only a key player in our clinical operations but also the heartbeat of our community, spreading joy and ensuring excellence in every task she undertakes.
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